Jan. 23rd, 2011

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Jan. 23rd, 2011 12:06 am
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Tonight dad opened a bottle of wine that was found lurking in a corner of the newly sorted pantry. The label is as follows.

Oh, and it lived up to the label, says Dad who was brave enough to sample this mid-70's wine, after he filtered the cork out of it.

For reference for those not familiar with Australia, Kings Cross is... a really dodgy part of Sydney to be in late at night.

Ole Borer

AN UNUSUAl 'Rough-as-Guts' Wine that has the Distinctive Bouquet of old and ill-cared for animals. It is best drunk with the teeth clenched to prevent the ingestion of seeds and skins. Connoisseurs will savour the slight Tannin Taste of burnt shag feathers and soiled medical dressings. Possessors of a cultivated palate admire the initial assault on the taste buds which comes from the careful and loving blending of circus cage floor hosings with smelly work socks. The maturing in Midland Abbatoir hogsheads gives it a very Definite Nose. In the United States this wine is marketed as Saviour Brand (9 out of 10 people who drink it for the first time exclaim, "Je-e-esus Chri-i-ist").
It won a 'Bronze' at the King's Cross Homosexuals' Convention of 1973
Caution.- Avoid contact with eyes and open cuts. Keep away from 'naked flames' (both old and new).
Bonnonee Wines
Campbell Avenue, Irymple
Produce of Australia, 738ml


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