Jan. 28th, 2011

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Jan. 28th, 2011 12:47 am
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These are a few of the memories I keep on my corkboard - yes, I still have one of those despite having left my teens behind some time ago.

I worked casual hours at Lenard's for around six years if you subtract time spent overseas. I got away with taking this badge as they bought in a new design - printed instead of engraved. It amused me to note that you can still see marinade in some of the grooves if you look closely. Working there must have left me infused with a variety of interesting flavours.

In my last year of primary school I was appointed as Language Adviser - I was very proud of having a badge that year.

The third is my AGC Senior Leader badge, cropped as it includes my surname and this post will be in public view (though it probably wouldn't take that much working out) - I hear they don't do the Senior Leader thing the way they used to, but for my first year of Uni, once I was no longer able to be a chorister, I went and helped out at the Glenelg branch on Tuesday nights. And after that I'd go and visit my Nanna, we'd often watch Inspector Rex together and have a good laugh and chat. Good times.

I don't think I've actually had a badge of my own since... nothing like these anyhow. Stickers totally don't count.


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