May. 7th, 2011

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May. 7th, 2011 12:30 am
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Tonight the Festival Theatre went green for Wicked! The production had some subtle differences from the show I saw in London - a bit more dialogue, I'm sure, and I'm convinced the ending was given more explanation. Not better or worse - just a little different. The cast were very good, particularly Elphaba (Jemma Rix). And I was surprised by how well Bert Newton could sing and dance. Who'd a thunk it?

We took Grandma for her birthday. She really enjoyed it too, and afterwards we went back to her place and had cake. It was all very nice. And now while I do this I'm listening to the soundtrack.

When we got home the house smelt wonderfully fruity. I've been stewing/poaching quinces today to make quince jelly and quince paste. I've got both slow cookers running to handle the volume (eight quinces and almost three litres of sugar syrup and a couple lemons worth of juice). I tried to fit it in one but it just wasn't working. Just short of six quinces I had to concede it wouldn't fit. The second slow cooker with less in it has finished cooking and looks and smells great. The second batch are quite pink but haven't got to the deep red they need to yet so that's being left on overnight. I'd hoped to drain them overnight to separate fruit from juice so I could get cooking again tomorrow. I'm not sure if the finishing processes will blow out to Sunday or even Monday. The quince paste in particular needs some four or more hours of work yet, and I'm working Sunday... but Monday is my regular day off so I'll have plenty time then if need be, and the quince will keep well for that long if necessary.

Now that I've written a small essay on musicals and quinces, it's time to get to bed.


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