May. 20th, 2011

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May. 20th, 2011 12:12 am
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Eight or so years ago I wrote a huge chunk of a story, (I think it got past 55k words, though I don't remember how far) which in retrospect wasn't very good at all and never even approached the middle of the storyline (oh well). But whatever it wasn't, I was, and I suppose, still am, fond of it in a strange sort of a way. I shared it with a few people with mixed reviews. This was drawn for me by Javkiller, one of those who liked the story. It's his interpretation of one of the characters (Dayan) and though work on the story stopped a long time ago, he's still on my pinboard (yeah, I have one of those).My idea of the character was a bit different, but it was very interesting to see how differently someone else saw him. I haven't heard from Jav in a long time either - last I knew he was pursuing a career as an artist in Argentina. On the off chance he stumbles on this, I hope it's all going well for you, Jav.

One day I'll have to scan this as I have no idea where the digital copy went, and the photograph doesn't show the colours well, though a change of camera and better lighting would fix a lot of that.

And though I say the story was pretty awful, I've got to give it one thing. Back then I could actually WRITE. Sit down and put my ideas onto paper and do it in volume. On my huge to-do list, finding the ability to do that again is one of the things I'd really, really like to do someday.


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