Aug. 28th, 2011


Aug. 28th, 2011 01:25 am
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Today I had a plan, and my goodness I was going to achieve it...

I started out with tea and a strawberry danish (with real strawberries) at Ah Teng's Bakery at Raffles. Deee-licious.

I first had to sort out somewhere to have High Tea. My emails and calling-in-person over the last couple days had told me that the famous and most-recommended places were all booked solid - it's a public holiday, it would seem - and today was the only day I could do this. So I found a place that COULD accommodate me for high tea - Asian Market Cafe at the Fairmont Hotel. Booking sorted, I headed off to the Asian Civilisations Museum...

The cat statue is in a tucked-away spot by a bridge close to the Museum. it made me smile :)

The museum had a display of Terracotta Warriors on - great to see them up close, they had about ten of them, all were different kinds of warriors (and one horse). This is another museum that doesn't put everything in glass cases (except small/extremely delicate items) which is nice. They do have little don't touch signs, but they trust people not to. I couldn't take the interactive tour on this one as it had to be downloaded as an app... and I don't have an app capable device. It was still interesting! I wandered around the museum a little more then headed off to High Tea.

High tea was mostly buffet-style, except for the constant stream of tea and coffee delivered to the table. I had a variety of things, most notably a very, very nice Laksa and nonya kueh, which are local sweets (spelling... not sure there). The sole downer was one of their signature dishes, durian pudding. Against my better instincts I tried some. The first mouthful was quite nice, but the aftertaste and SMELL meant that I just could not go on... euch. Thankfully I had another dessert, a teeny-tiny jackfruit friand-y thing to hand which was an excellent way of clearing out the taste. So at least now I have tried something duriany and can say I don't like it with experience instead of mere distaste... for the most part though, very delicious and very nice.

I wandered a few shops (I wasn't even stalked by shopkeepers that much, something that unnerves me in shops here)then went off to do some geocaching - I have been so busy so far I just haven't fitted it in! I found three caches without too much trouble, wet weather made a couple of others a bit too dangerous to attempt retrieving. But now my furthest cache from home is over 5400 km! how cool is that?

My poor, poor feet were not in a good mood with me after that, so I had a round of reflexology before returning to the hostel. I haven't been all that kind to my feet on this holiday, so much walking I might just be more exhausted when I get home than I was when I left! Just don't tell my body what I have planned for it tomorrow (weather permitting) or it might rebel... I might promise it a massage after it finishes the job...


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