Oct. 6th, 2011


Oct. 6th, 2011 11:10 pm
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Monday and Tuesday, I'm into this week at last...

Monday was a stunning day - warm but not hot, and glorious sunshine. I headed down to visit Mum and Dad and to do my washing. While I was there I spent quite a lot of time in the garden - I think I appreciate it all the more now that I'm not there every day. I got some lovely photos, but this is my favourite. I spotted a dead flower wedged in between two branches. When I pulled it out this little guy. As far as I can tell he's a leafhopper in the family/group/order/something flatidae. Whatever he is he's gorgeous. Mum helped me get a good photo - it took a few tries to get the focus just where I wanted it but it was good practice for manual focusing and using my superzoom camera (Sony DSC HX100V) for extreme closeups. One of the brightest points in a very good day.

This lamp sat around in my old room for ages - when Dad was repairing appliances sometimes things didn't get picked up. There were may reasons - didn't want to pay, forgot, moved overseas... attempts to contact the original owner of this lamp failed so I bought it from Dad - I loved the lamp but had no idea what to do with it at the time. Now it's perfect!


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