Dec. 5th, 2011 11:14 pm
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I have a few days to catch up on and I'm afraid I'm keeping the text brief. I was going to write quite a bit more but I confess there have been better days than today (but the world's still turning so I'll cope!)... but I don't want to leave the catchup longer. This photo was taken when a co-worker from another site had a day off so took the litter of puppies they were puppy-sitting a couple places for socialisation and cuddles. They really brightened that day!

This is a card I made for a wedding Amy went to on the weekend - she went to two that day, actually. I was quite pleased with the way it came out.

This is the interior of a wedding card I made to give to the bride and groom at the wedding I went to on Saturday. The exterior is similar to the first card though in a different colour scheme. The interior I'm very happy with. It came out even better than I imagined. I want to experiment more with this design. I'm thinking I might be able to do cogs... or at the very least different flowers.

The wedding was that of my second cousin Cathryn and her new husband Mario. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was a lot of fun - between the two a few of my closer family went to the Botanic Gardens. It was beautiful there. Anyhow... I hope Mario and Cathryn have a wonderful life together :D

I went to a geocaching christmas party on Sunday but didn't get any photos there - I did park my car in an area with some great murals, this was one of them.

Back to the wedding again for today's photo... they had a photobooth set up at the reception with lots of props. It was all kinds of fun! There were a lot of great and fun photos that came out of that booth but this one of Mum and Dad is my personal favourite.


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