Apr. 29th, 2011

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Apr. 29th, 2011 12:16 am
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A crafty shot - not so much a work in progress as some experimentation. I have had this idea for button threading for a while and finally got a chance to test it out properly. I'd like to hear if you like it, hate it or whatever you might think. For size reference... the cutting mat underneath is in inches. The colours chosen were just what was quick to hand - I'm more testing out the viability of the method rather than the details.

I have to be careful to choose buttons of an even thickness and with less size variation than I usually use - I quite like size variation because it adds a little more interest, but really does not work here. I also want to try making one with diagonal stripes.

I might also try using the fixture to the right of the photo instead of a single anchor point - but that means crimping every single thread in a visible location rather than having one crimp that I can hide - and the more presentable crimps are not as strong. I've not had one of them fail on me yet but I like to use the best quality bits and pieces I can without blowing the budget. Then again, that method might make it sit better. I'll try it out soon and find out, I suppose.

The other option I have is to thread on two rather than four wires - it'd make the outer ones less visible, though that visibility can be a feature if I use coloured threading materials. Four threads gives me more control on how neatly everything sits - something which I very much like.


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