Aug. 20th, 2011


Aug. 20th, 2011 01:27 am
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Well, the Dim Sum last night was delicious, and I did get a steamed pork bun which made me very happy :D there were a huge number of frog dishes on the menu including the worrying "Live Frog" which... well no. Heck no. I'll eat many things but that just makes me squeamish.

Even now I'm yet to pay more than ten dollars for a meal (drinks included) though I'm sure that won't last.

Today I headed to the Chinatown Heritage Centre and when I wasn't being overwhelmed by large volumes of tiny school children I found an amazing number of parallels between the Chinese migrants to Singapore and modern-day refugees.

I walked around the shops for a little while, I had forgotten how much shop assistants follow you, some more subtly than others. The only time I WASN'T followed the shop I was in was busy. I would start having a look around and before long someone close behind me would as "You looking for gift?". I'm afraid I disappointed the lot of them...

My next stop was the Sri Mariamman Temple. It's a beautifully decorated Hindu temple, and just as I arrived a ceremony started. I don't know what it was but it involved opening up the inner shrine, which I may not have been able to see otherwise. I had to stand back behind a cordon - fair enough, really - but it was still quite possible to watch. I looked around a bit more but without shoes on the pavers were really hot! I retreated outside and put my shoes back on...

I passed a shop selling paper cars, clothes, handbags... all for Chinese funerals. After lunch (Satays) I found myself incredibly tired so headed back to the hostel and got a little sleep - I felt much better after that.

I headed off to the City Hall MRT station and wandered around the shopping areas there - stopping for coffee and such. The variety of things on sale is astounding. I didn't buy much - just a handbag, and not from the place I had planned too (I got there and it was all meh) but that was all.

The variety of food that is available is astonishing, so of all the things available, I, of course, went really radical and had... French Ratatouille Soup. Near a place that sold Pizza. And two stores, side by side, one selling British chips, the other selling American fries.

I went for a general wander and stumbled across a free music festival - BayBeats 2011 - and heard a performance by We the Thousands and another by Noughts and Exes (I think I got those right) there were also some really strange art installations. It was right by the riverside and I spent some time taking photos while I continued to listen.

I finished off the day with Mango Pudding and Ice Cream and then headed back here to write this!

Not at all bad for a day which I started with no specific plans...


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