Aug. 30th, 2011


Aug. 30th, 2011 12:41 am
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Feeding time at the zoo!

After sorting out flight check-ins and such for tomorrow and giving up on non-public-transport for getting to the airport I headed out to Singapore Zoo. It's a brilliant zoo well worth visiting. I caught the elephant and rainforest themed shows and hand-fed white rhinos and giraffes. There were a lot of animals to see and quite a few babies, particularly among the primates. But there's nothing quite like tiger feeding time, and the attempts to time a photo correctly - it happens so FAST. I also loved the tamarin exhibit close to the doorway - they're in a little house at night, but during the day they are not caged at all - not even a well disguised enclosure, though they mostly stick to one particular patch of vegetation. It's easy to get up very close to them but if you want to take a photo... be fast!

After the Zoo I took the scenic route home via bus and MRT (when getting on a bus you should know when to get off too...) then had dinner at the Chinatown street market for the last time, and got a really good massage. Feeling rather good after that.

I'm off to the airport quite early tomorrow so I'm going to go get some sleep. Next time I post here it'll be from Adelaide again...


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