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confusedcious ([personal profile] confusedcious) wrote2011-11-14 01:39 am
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I learned to solve another kind of sudoku today - I got the hang of it fairly quickly. What you see here, (modified to remove numbers as it's a geocache puzzle) is my first false-start. I didn't get too far and made a minor error. Second time went a lot better but about 2/3 the way through I made an error - the GPS co-ordinates produced by the puzzle were impossible. Once I worked out what the error was I was able to backtrack to just before that. Most sudoku don't really allow that, but because of the method of solving this I was using this kind of puzzle allows it. Anyhow. Third time I got it out without any particular difficulties. I put the co-ordinates through a checker and it turns out I was right :D I shall have to go find it soon...

Also, had dinner with my parents. Mum made a thoroughly awesome lasagne.