Jan. 21st, 2011

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Jan. 21st, 2011 10:52 pm
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I had no work today (don't worry, the weekend's more than making up for it) so I got some crafting done. Pretty well everything I worked on is a gift - though there was one repair that's not really photo material - so I figured the gift for the yet unborn (unless anything's happened very, very recently) is the safest option.

This will be a baby ball made with the requested 'geeky' theme. I decided to go with co-ordinated fabrics this time, and I think robots (sometimes in space) ought to be suitably geeky :). I made good progress today, I'd say it's a little under half done, but it won't take twice the time put into it so far, as I experimented with a different technique that I thought might yield great results, however partway in I threw it down on the table in frustration - though the results at that point were looking good the paper sections that, at this point, are very necessary, were all coming loose, and the only way of ensuring they would stay put meant using a more traditional technique... which I'm doing now. Without the paper pieces the stitching quickly got nasty. Having made a ball with this more traditional technique before I know it'll be fine, I'll experiment with variations on the technique another time, maybe on a hexagon pattern which sits FLAT. As the not-flatness is where I came unstuck.

Enormous thanks to Mum for helping me when the frustration almost got too much... her patience far eclipses my own and she re-tacked the paper pieces, allowing me to get back on track with the stitching.

All of the stitching that's visible at the moment will be removed by the time this is finished, the real structural stitching is almost invisible.

Pardon me if this is semi-coherent and babbly, I'm not feeling very competent with words tonight.


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