Aug. 25th, 2011


Aug. 25th, 2011 03:05 am
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This morning I slept in - not so much by intent but because my mobile had vanished. I heard one of the alarm repeats in the common room but because there were several sources of noise I could not track it down. At least I knew it was in the hostel...

I headed out to buy an alternate alarm clock in case my phone wasn't found today. It took a bit of legwork, but I did find something. (Of course, that means late this evening my phone turned up, someone handed it in).

I tried not to do anything too strenuous today due to inflammation in a knee and ankle (ow) but I wasn't willing to do nothing... so I headed off to see a museum of vintage toys - it was quite interesting with a huge array of toys and related memorabilia. there were even vintage James Bond toys! Thunderbirds, buck rogers... you name it. Plenty of non-licenced stuff too.

As it was nearby I decided to check out the National Library, the building contained both a lending and research library. Interesting to see how much things are the same... and how much they are different. I won't bore you with too many details, but it looks like they're making really, really good use of RFID tags and related technologies in some parts of the library. There was also a really interesting display of art by school students - some serious quality there!

I had dinner at Chijmes - Tapas, quite nice. It was a pleasant change to be in a relatively quiet and calm environment while eating. Today's photo was at the Tapas restaurant, called La Vida, i think.

As I was so close, after dinner I went and did the tourist thing and had a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel (while wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt, clearly the classy choice). Got to love throwing the peanut shells on the floor.

And in the market back in Chinatown I had a chinese-style stamp made with my name written the usual way and in Chinese characters. I've wanted one of those stamps for ages, they're COOL.

Anywho, time to get to bed!


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