Jan. 21st, 2012

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I've lived in this area for a few months now so it was high time I explored Prospect Road - I've driven down it and went to the tour down under opening a week ago, but I really haven't seen it properly yet.

I set out on foot and walked down to Cafe Komodo for breakfast - who knew it was such a lovely retro-ish place? It's behind a row of shops and looks to be part converted shed, part outdoors, part converted garage... and all wonderful. The breakfast I had - Turkish Breakfast Bread - definitely scores my recommendation. To top it all off it was so friendly there... I'll be back for sure.

I wandered further along and found a really nice second hand bookshop - Prospecting for books - not so much the recent relase reselling kind of second hand bookshop but the could-be-anything kind. That's the best kind I think. I found some books of Australian poetry I'd been seeking - I had almost given up on finding them without a trip to the CBD but at last I succeeded. I'll be back to this bookshop too.

I wandered back homeward past the op-shops and antique and vintage sellers and generally had a wonderful time looking about. I've made it home in time to shelter from the hottest part of the day, so all is very much well.

Living here has been working very well for me and I had no trouble at all adjusting to things - I've even got used to the seventies floor coverings!

Work has put some challenges and less-than-wonderful things in my way lately but it continues to be a job I really, really enjoy and I'm going to get an opportunity for some fantastic training starting next week so, on the whole, things are quite positive there.

Oh, and I have a sewing machine now. So I think I'm going to go and find something to sew. It's been far too long, and I feel the need to get crafty!
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I've been meaning to review a book I read recently - "Cold hands, warm heart" by Jill Wolfson. It arrived in the library for cataloguing and caught my attention so I thought I'd give it a read. It was time well spent - this book deals with a number of intertwined issues, a cast of well-defined characters and several narrators concisely and effectively. The book focuses around a heart transplant and views it from many angles and points of view in a believable way that neither judges the characters nor patronises the reader. The transplant donor and recipient(s) and their families have complex emotions to deal with and none of these are neglected or simplified - the recipient is very much aware that someone healthy died, and it is only because of this that she could continue to live. The transplantation process is well portrayed and not glamorised or made to appear a simple fix - the downsides of living with ongoing medications and the consequences of rejection are not left out or glossed over.
I would happily recommend this book for anyone - even if you are unable to relate to the story it is told well and is very thought-provoking.


Also, I went to the post office to send one of my long overdue parcels - it seems that the post office opening hours I googled were out of date - that'll teach me to just take the first search result. I should know better than that. Bad librarian! Bad!

I guess I'll try to get there during the week...


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